Guests staying here are not road warriors who check in late at night and rise the next morning to make that early sales call. 

Staying at the Hangar Hotel is a total experience, something to be leisurely enjoyed while in your room, the lobby area, the Observation deck, the Officers' Club, the Diner, Conference Center and the outside area, including the ramp for arriving and departing aircraft.

The Hangar Hotel is a unique experience of stepping back into the 1940's without giving up the luxuries of today. The aviation and World War II based setting is comfortably complemented with today's luxuries of high speed internet, bomber jacket leather covered furniture, and Egyptian cotton sheets. Come see for yourself why this is a "must stay" in Texas.

Guest rooms feature mahogany furniture with rattan inserts. Comfortable chairs are of bomber jacket leather, New York Library lamps feature brass shades, and the beautiful carpet is custom designed and installed over thick padding. Wall coverings, elevated ceilings, extensive use of wood moldings, and colorful draperies all enhance the overall decor.

The bathrooms are designed with the woman in mind. Multi-globe lighting is installed over a large custom framed mirror.A large granite countertop provides ample space for cosmetics. The custom made white hex floor tile and the black and white wall tile are reminiscent of baths of  old.


The second floor observation deck is a fantastic location to relax and enjoy the view. With the Hotel being located Immediately adjacent to the airport as it is, this is a great place to watch the planes come and go as you can see from one end of the runway to the other . The airport is commonly visited by all types of aircraft, from single engine planes to multi-engine jets and helicopters. You never know what you might see while taking it easy on our wonderful observation deck.  The cool evening breeze coupled with the glow of the landing lights, makes the deck an ideal place to enjoy a glass of wine from the officers' club. 


The Officers' Club is your perfect choice for a memorable evening out. The mahogany and granite fireplace,soft leather furniture, grand piano and regulation pool table, provide a quiet, relaxing environment to join friends beforeand after a dinner engagement. 

A private party room, called the "Briefing Room" and located within the Officer's Club, is available for small private parties.There's not a better place, perhaps other than the observation deck, to relax and enjoy one of our signature cocktails or martinis.  




Club Hours

Wednesday: Open seasonally
Thursday- Saturday
: 5PM to Midnight
Live music Thursday - Saturday, no cover.

Closed Sunday - Tuesday

The Officers' Club is a non-smoking environment.

Guests 21 or over are welcome.

Private engagements for the entire Club, as well as the briefing room, can be arranged by calling the Hotel at 844-596-2300.